About Me
Young designer from the Rocky Mountains focused on meaningful work, intelligent design, and creative problem solving. I am skilled in both visual communication design and UX/UI development. Some of my specialties include poster design, product design, logo design, and branding. I believe that design is a driving force in social activism and change and can effect the smallest to the largest details within a system. Not all of us have an eye for design, but that’s why I’m here.
Design Philosophy
Helping the world move forward through creativity & intelligent design.
Intelligent design is a creative solution powered by critical thinking and complex understanding. Design is change; from the simple to the complex it shapes our world and blankets the human perspective. It propels us forward, holds us back, and molds the way we see the world.
Visual communication defines our languages, shapes our literature, informs the public, and simplifies complex systems. It has the power to educate as well as inform or persuade individual thought. It defines the external world, making it a powerful force in culture and idea generation. Design is the intelligent solution that can make everyday lives easier, create powerful action, and fuel new ways of thinking.
Design should not manipulate the public opinion toward corrupt ideals or false perceptions. It should be honest and promote equality and encourage togetherness. Its visuals should not mask the truth. It should be a driving force of evolution that pushes us forward toward a better world.
A designer is a driving force for the change and progress we see in our world, positive or negative. They format documents, make ads, design brands, build web pages, make business cards, traffic signs, typefaces etc. Designers are much more than visual creators. They are creative thinkers, controlling flows of information, creating propaganda, building businesses, aiding community, developing connections, and shaping how others see the world. In respect a designer must be educated in their decision making, forceful in tactic, and intelligently creative. A designer needs to have understanding, an overall practice of opening up to new ideas. They must allow themselves the opportunities to continuously learn no matter who, what, when, or how it may come about. Individually they must respect the process and the implications that come along with being a force of information and change.